Ugli Connections

What started off as a borough wide hunt for ice ended as a true Networking victory.

Trekking around W12 we managed to clean out 2 Tescos, 1 Morrisons and a Waitrose. Hauling back 30 kilos of ice was a challenge but with a bit of intuitive thinking it found it’s way safely back to the large metal filing drawer we'd recycled to use as our 'beer cooler'.

On 20th October the doors of B59 opened at 6pm, and by 6:30 you could hear the buzz of chatter and laughter, as it flowed through the hallways to ...

The Lovely Realisation

The world has changed. We all need to change as well. Where did the idea of a creative and media campus based on community, thrift and sustainability emerge? We thought you might like to know a little more on how and why we formed.  

Formerly known as the Centre House building in 1990 the campus provided a new home for BBCs Drama. The site that once hosted some of the most memorable productions of the 90’s, is now home to 55 or so pioneering member companies across a variety of sectors including TV, Film, Finance, Music, IT, Fashion and ...

An ugli revelation!

Hello lovelies. Today is a momentous day for all at the Ugli campus – at long last we can finally lift the tea cozy, boil a brew, and toast to our brand spanking new Ugli reception!

Here to serve as a gateway to the Ugli campus, guiding our visitors to where they need to be, and introducing them to a new breed of beautiful businesses, it has been an exciting labor of loveliness getting the space ready for the 8th June 2011 launch.

When coming up with the concept for the reception space, (beautiful collaboration being our mantra) we needed ...

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