The Lovely Realisation

The world has changed. We all need to change as well. Where did the idea of a creative and media campus based on community, thrift and sustainability emerge? We thought you might like to know a little more on how and why we formed.  

Formerly known as the Centre House building in 1990 the campus provided a new home for BBCs Drama. The site that once hosted some of the most memorable productions of the 90’s, is now home to 55 or so pioneering member companies across a variety of sectors including TV, Film, Finance, Music, IT, Fashion and Retail. Our members make up the new face of Ugli.

The Ugli philosophy recognized that many successful companies of the future will be smaller (do read EF Schumacher’s inspiring Small is Beautiful, A study of economics as if people mattered) and super resourceful, we want Ugli to be an important supporting partner in this new era of businesses and are thrilled to have on board, our pioneering members.

Together we have freed the parquet flooring once suffocated by corporate convention and restored the blackened window handles to their brass-en glory; we have reinvented the emptiness of white space and warmly embraced it in the coats of our imaginations; we have filled the halls of a once abandoned building with life and an abundance of personality; we have enriched what BBC journalist Glen Aylett once called a “cultural desert” and, to quote one of our fellow members, “turned a disaster in to victory”. As a community, throughout our cycle of metamorphosis we hope to carry on eradicating the shallow perception of external beauty and embracing the depths of internal splendor, while continually enriching the culture of a new Centre House Ugli Campus and West London.

Failing all that, Ugli hopes our member businesses are successful and we all have a good time making them so.