To Ugli...With Love

To Ugli...With Love

After such a spellbinding experience at Ugli, I thought it only right to write one final post to hopefully get some closure over what was an amazing experience for me, and one that I'm confident will help me in the next step of my career. Okay, maybe I'm over-reacting, I'm over it, seriously...but before I go, here's a few things that stood out for me during my time at Ugli.

First and foremost, a big shout out to the Ugli members. It was fascinating to meet such a rich variety of individuals from all walks ...

Coding workshop for non-coders

Coding workshop for non-coders

Our lovely old member Rosario is hosting a coding workshop on Thursday 6th February, in The Big Room.

The goal of the session is to give non-coders a hands-on 1-day workshop on coding skills, understand what it actually means to publish and create a website, familiarise with the technical terms, and in general learn more about software development practises. At the end of the day everyone will have a website published on internet. The workshop covers both backend (Ruby and Git) and frontend programming (HTML and CSS).
The program of the workshop (10am-4pm) includes:

1) Introduction: Internet, Client/Server Architecture ...

Ugli Meets...Ugly Models

Ugli Meets...Ugly Models

Ugli Meets... is a new feature that aims to bring you closer to the businesses who inhabit the Ugli Campus. The real variety of industries makes Ugli stand out from other similar spaces in London. From fashion and music to production and media, one thing that ties everyone together is the sense of community and collaboration. Now it's time to get to know our Uglies!

To kick things off, who better than Ugli newbies, Ugly Models.

Who Are Ugly Models?

Ugly Models are the UK's foremost character model agency, born in 1969 by two fashion photographers who placed ...

Ugli's New Year's Revolution

Here at Ugli HQ we think it's time to do away with New Year's Resolutions. Does anyone still do them? And if so, how long do they last for? Not very long we imagine.

We want to start promoting more worthwhile actions that will have a real impact on our surrounding environment, as well as our own lives. So instead of joining the gym or eating less chocolate, why don't you join the Ugli New Year's Revolution and start making a genuine difference!

Ugli and The DoNation have joined forces to offer our members and the ...

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