Ugli's New Year's Revolution

Here at Ugli HQ we think it's time to do away with New Year's Resolutions. Does anyone still do them? And if so, how long do they last for? Not very long we imagine.

We want to start promoting more worthwhile actions that will have a real impact on our surrounding environment, as well as our own lives. So instead of joining the gym or eating less chocolate, why don't you join the Ugli New Year's Revolution and start making a genuine difference!

Ugli and The DoNation have joined forces to offer our members and the wider community, an opportunity to take part in the fight for a more sustainable world by offering the chance to pledge an action that will have a positive impact on our surrounding environment. Whether it's only drinking tap water, just using the stairs instead of the lift or only eating sustainably caught fish, every little action helps.

Each pledge lasts for 2 months and can fit in easily around your daily routine.

How it works: 

  • Create your DoNation profile here 
  • Once completed search for 'Ugli's Alternative New Year's Resolutions'
  • Click 'Make Your Pledge' and choose an action to commit to for the next 2 months
  • Revel in the glory that you're a good person and you've done your bit

Pledges aren't restricted to just one. If you fancy being a sustainable superhero, by all means get involved with multiple pledges! The more the merrier as they say!

Once you're all pledged up don't hesitate to share your good deed with us on Twitter @lovely_ugli - Retweets guaranteed!

Good luck!