Ugli Looks at the Stock Market

Ugli Looks at the Stock Market

Most people wish to invest their money into the financial markets but stock, shares, commodities and currency investment seems like an alien concept for most of us. The Traders' Cosmos will come to the rescue on Wednesday 9th April and will show our lovelies how to capitalise over the $5trillion traded every day in the Forex market.

During this seminar they will show us 11 steps to mastering the markets. Some of the topics they will cover on the day are: 

  • Protecting your capital
  • Simplifying trading
  • Understanding price action
  • When to enter a trade
  • When to exit a trade
  • Minimising risk and maximising profit
  • Supplementing your income through trading trends

As a bonus they will also share with us the following:

  • How to find high probability set ups
  • How to exit trades at the end of a trend
  • Why we use eSignal and how we get the edge

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