What is it like being Independent?

What is it like being Independent?

With July being well known for its celebration of independence in countries across the globe, we decided to look at the notion of 'being independent' in the work environment. July brings us firework celebrations such as Canada Day, American Independence Day, Bastille Day and in total, is the independence anniversary month of 20 countries!

So as we have a fond farewell to the independent minded July, we wondered what being independent means to the Ugli community. So we spent the last few weeks getting under the skin of our startups, small business owners and freelancers... We tracked down all our Yankie, Frenchie, Canucks and Colombian lovelies to get their stories or personal experiences about what it means to them to be part of independence business ventures. It brings a tear to the eye, and might deserve its own anthem!

Even though the daily reality of running your own business can be very hard going, the Ugli community has shared with us some of the most appealing advantages of being independent at work.

"Independence for me is about the ability to build and run your business the way you want to, rather than by someone else's formula. It's also about being able to focus on doing the things that you are passionate about, and this has become so much more feasible with all the wonderful infrastructure out there that makes starting and running a business so much easier. That's what Sooqini is all about!" - Raj from Sooqini - American

"Being independent is the opportunity to express yourself in your own field." - Damas from the Ugli Kitchen - French

"I think my employer has benefited hugely by my University Study Abroad exchange when I was 20 to (Alverno College, Milwaukee) USA. It definitely taught me that I could be independent. First I'd left home in Newcastle, and went away to University in Chester, but then I decided to go further afield for a semester, and ended up 6,000 miles away from home in Wisconsin! Planning adventures is a hobby, I love booking flights, buses, trains, hotels, and getting somewhere on my own initiative. My studying in America definitely inspired my independence. I've done it once, I knew I could do it again, and so I left a job in Newcastle, and moved to London to find a career job, and I eventually found one when I got my job at Anthropics." - Briony from Anthropics - English.

So, what's our conclusion on independence? 

1. Yep, the be your own boss thing is pretty great. You have choices and get to make decisions.

2. You get to build something and follow your passion. When you own your own business, you get to shape and flesh out your dreams.

3. You can find your own work/life balance. For women, especially, owning your own business can give the lifestyle flexibility necessary to raise a family and still have a successful career.

4. You choose the people you work with. Surrounding yourself with positive poeple give you the confidence and optimism help keeping moving forward.

5. And best of all, being independent means waking up with a smile on Mondays eager to start work rather than dragging yourself in to someone else's business. What's not to love?

July, thank you for being so inspiring...!