Beauty Out Of Ugliness.

Beauty Out Of Ugliness.

We recently stumbled upon a lovely little social enterprise who have opened a pop-up retail location just around the corner in West12 Shopping Centre.

Petit Miracles is a registered charity that was founded in 2009. Since 2012, they have been using this combined workshop and retail space to teach furniture restoration, interior design and basic DIY. They work with people who need support and encouragement to get back into work, the vast majority of whom live nearby in Hammersmith & Fulham.

Their volunteers and trainees use their natural creativity and newly-acquired skills to re-imagine pieces of furniture that others have discarded. They've diverted 12 tonnes from landfill since March 2013, either through local residents donating their furniture or by going out and rescuing fly-tipped pieces. The result is beautiful, affordable bespoke furniture that they sell from their shop, reinvesting the proceeds in teaching, tools, materials and equipment.

Petit Miracles teaches, inspires and enables people in hardship to make beauty out of ugliness. This organisation really is creating fairly stories in a cynical world - Our 'Coup de Coeur' this summer!

You lot should go shopping for amazing and unique furniture at Petit Miracles and support regeneration of giving a second chance to furniture and people! Or if you fancy, book a workshop for kids or friends to upcycle something as a team outing.

Check out them out here: