Shout Out To Our Lovely Mums!

Shout Out To Our Lovely Mums!

Last year a Youtube video went viral; #worldstoughestjob - a fake Skype interview staged as a real life job vacancy for 'Director of Operations' to a host of unsuspecting male and female hopefuls. All listened, increasingly wide-eyed and open-mouthed, to a volley of seemingly un-meetable targets reeled off by the recruiting officer - all but signing off - before the job was revealed to be...Motherhood! Food for thought, the reveal even induced some teary eyes and heart tugging testimonies...

Albeit downplaying the decidedly EPIC plus of having a little 'Mini-Me' (or more) - the campaign served to highlight the hard work that goes into home life, and many women at the helm of their own businesses today understand the complex circus skills required to juggle both a growing career and kids!

Amongst our own Ugli members are its mothers - and with Mother's Day this weekend, we wanted something that celebrated the awe-inspiring combination of boundless energy and entrepreneurial spirit it all takes! 

Here are some of our Lovelies' insights into Motherhood, time management  and generally making it work:

Lizzie from Futureproof.

I have always had a reputation for being organised, but managing life as working mother has taken things to a whole new level. Everything needs to run like a well-oiled machine, like clockwork, keeping to time. This is particularly tricky with a dynamic job at a fast-growing, exciting company where the demands change daily, and that's not to mention my son - has anyone ever met a baby who 'keeps to time'? 

After 12 months on a steep learning curve, I realise my years as an entrepreneur have taught me some very transferable skills. Just when you think you have perfected the balance, the baby enters a new phase, or a big project comes in at work, and you have to adapt again. It's necessary to keep making incremental improvements until you get it close to perfect as possible. Even small changes can sometimes make a big difference, and one has to be prepared to keep on innovating, improving and constantly changing to meet the needs of both the family and business. 

You're knackered all the time - and on top of this you then need to field judgement for your choices, particularly from those who have chosen differently. Therefore its important to feel comfortable that you know what YOUR perfect balance is. Every parent is different, but if you get the balance that makes you happy that will make everything else worthwhile. 

For me, success means continuing to nurture both my business and my family, as well as me having a very gradual transition to spend more time at Futureproof as my son gets older and finds other priorities in his life besides babbling at me. I couldn't even begin to do it without the systems, and most importantly the incredible support network I have around me. 

Jo from Jo Jones Textiles. 

Being a new mum and running my own business is BUSY to say the least! There never seems to be enough time in the day to get things done and it's been a real juggling act to find the right balance. Despite this, it's also totally rewarding being able to split my time between work and my son. It helps to have an amazing assistant in the office who I can rely on!

I guess my top tips would be to focus one day at a time and not get too far ahead of myself, breaking things down into daily tasks and writing everything down helps a lot!

Alethea from Pay With Bolt.

Few are more efficient than a working Mother who needs to pick up the kids at 3pm, this too despite the fact there is no such thing as Work/Life balance - one runs from one to the other in complete pandemonium! I used to think work was challenging until I had two daughters, and there is nothing quite like getting them dressed, fed and out of the house in the morning. Nothing! Other business women I've discussed this with, some for example who've overseen the stresses of major corporate projects, have shared the same opinion!

Importantly - many working mothers make wonderful remote workers and I believe this should be noted when companies are recruiting!

Claire from Swimming Rocks.

Work/Life balance. Isn't that what we all strive to achieve? Now add in a child - or children - and you have a whole new ball game to deal with. Not only the Work/Life balance of yourself, but also that of your little one. Making sure they get enough of my time too. 

I run two businesses from Ugli and we have childcare for my son 4 days a week. My 'Day Off' is precious. Its also the most stressful and knackering day of the week! Work doesn't stop just because you are not in the office, so you work around the time you have. Catching up on emails when he sleeps, while he's eating (well - if possible), taking calls in the park and missing out on those local kinships that have formed when other Mums have not been at work. 

My advice: run a very tight diary. Don't be afraid to say no to things that are not important at work. Protect your weekends and make plans to spend time together as a family.

Your 'Mother's Guilt' will always be there nibbling away at your ear - but it will also be the same for the next Mum and the next. Then again I run my own businesses, have great staff, am contributing to the future of my family and I'm also a Mum! That feels like something to celebrate!