World Poetry Day at Ugli Campus

World Poetry Day at Ugli Campus

With World Poetry Day taking place on March 21st, and Poetry Month around the corner - we're wondering what London's wordsmiths are doing to mark the occasion? Surrounding yourself with other creatives? Promoting your work, engaging with others, inspiring a new wave of interest to the spoken word and poetry scene? 

If you've got an idea, or the seed of one, for an event you think has the capacity to draw a crowd - and maximize interest in the magic of poetry events - we've got the intimate, quirky space suited to your ambitions!

Ugli Campus - a creative incubator hub in White City - transformed an unattractive business park into a thriving community of lovely little companies bursting to the brim with big ideas and collaborative ethos.

In a drive to generate a space teeming with the values, creative spirit and dynamism that Ugli was conceived around , we're opening the doors of our Big Room for the upcoming World Poetry Day - and for Poetry Month's duration - free of charge, as long as your event is open and inclusive of our campus community. With 600, innovative-minded members coming and going at any given time, an event that seeks to engage them as well as the public is on absolutely worth encouraging.

 If it's possible a good location generates great ideas, then we're open to whatever you have in mind!

For more information about booking and future hire, please contact Elodie // Ugli Mother // // 07891543493.

Have a lovely day!