Saving Energy, 5 Eco-Friendly Steps At A Time

Saving Energy, 5 Eco-Friendly Steps At A Time

Don't be one of the reams of small UK businesses losing out crucial savings that simple energy-saving steps can achieve for your business! Statistics back findings that the majority of owners are not aware of energy efficiency solutions that can leave a few more pennies in their pockets at the end of the month, and do the environment good simultaneously!

A past E.ON Energy survey unearthed that just 21% of all UK SMEs had energy- efficient equipment (such as the wave of office gadgets now emblazoned with an efficiency logo) in HQ - leaving an excess of four million quid whittling away resources!

Here's how to be both clever and environmentally conscious, and when the bills come in...maybe even a little bit smug!

1) CALL IN THE AUDIT EXORCIST - An energy audit, to fully assess the scale of your energy leeching poltergeist's presence might be in order. Call in your provider and try to establish just how energy is being used and how any horrifying oversights can be purged!

2) MAKE THE PLUG PULL ITSELF - Special (and surprisingly low cost) digitally or manually timed plugs can ensure that whatever office equipment is connected to them never has more than its necessary time in the sun. By that we mean office hours - any time outside that, these devices ensure you're not racking up bills you needn't be! It doesn’t matter if you need to dash one night and forget to flick the switch, your plug will pick up the buck.

3) IT'LL BE ALRIGHT ON THE LIGHT - When darkness encroaches on your office space, fluorescent is the light at the end of the tunnel. It's also amongst the most energy efficient lightbulbs accessible - so when light recedes, rely on a fluorescent bulb for relief. That or a battery-powered halogen lamp - in order to give the mains a momentary rest.

4) 5 STAR SUSTAINABILITY - When purchasing new office equipment make a beeline for energy efficient models; those sporting the 'Energy Star' logo were made specially to reduce and save costs on energy usage. Oodles of the stuff too - Ink-jet printers in place of laser printers, and laptop computers in place of desktop save up to 90% more energy. 

5) A SPRING SAVINGS CLEAN - Few are aware that ridding their office's heating, venting and air conditioning systems of any dust or grime build up can be very good for business. Clogged machines work harder to cool and heat, using more energy and demanding you cough up for the pleasure - while a clean machine is an account under control. For the tricky technical wipe downs, you may need occasionally to call in somebody who knows - but you should be looking at a once a month blitz either way.