Ugli Meets...Disrupt Media

Ugli Meets...Disrupt Media

What is Disrupt?

We (we being Matt Thorne and Phil Kemish, hello!) founded Disrupt as a media company that owns and builds youth culture brands by creating websites, YouTube channels and showcasing talent. We help brands, agencies and internal teams grow and monetise their audiences. 

What attracted you to setting up a youth media company?

After having established GRM Daily, the UK's biggest urban music platform, Disrupt was initially started to help brands better connect with our audience. Over the last few years we have been actively working with brand clients as well as focusing more on building our ...

An Ode to Community

An Ode to Community

Poetry Month is in session, so we thought we'd honour time old tradition - put our heads down and pen a poem about something we hold dear. Community is key - and in this case, key to our creativity...

Since the ancient days of yore,

The many to have gone before -

One thing that's kept man in good stead:

Familiar faces and level heads!

A kind word,

A warm hand, 

A listening ear -

That understands...

A give and take,

Day in and out,

For what, if not,

Is Community about?

If not for ease ,

For aid,

For help,

If not ...

White City: An Ugli Duckling Becomes A Swan

White City: An Ugli Duckling Becomes A Swan

When Ugli Campus established its home in White City in 2011, the area was the considerably quieter former enclave of the monolithic BBC Corporation, thrumming for forty years with an endless stream of its talents, creatives and crews. When the beeb upped sticks to Salford in the mid-2000s, could one truly be blamed for wondering whether White City might melt from public consciousness? Mildewed and motionless; a Miss Havisham-like vestige of its former glory…

Certainly not, or at least – certainly not with us on the scene! Ugli saw in White City the appeal of an area ripe with opportunity. An ...

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