Ugli Meets...Disrupt Media

Ugli Meets...Disrupt Media

What is Disrupt?

We (we being Matt Thorne and Phil Kemish, hello!) founded Disrupt as a media company that owns and builds youth culture brands by creating websites, YouTube channels and showcasing talent. We help brands, agencies and internal teams grow and monetise their audiences. 

What attracted you to setting up a youth media company?

After having established GRM Daily, the UK's biggest urban music platform, Disrupt was initially started to help brands better connect with our audience. Over the last few years we have been actively working with brand clients as well as focusing more on building our own media properties and brands. 

 What's missing - if anything - in branding today?

We are passionate about helping brands engage with youth culture.. Young people don’t care about billboards or press release, they care about music, TV, gaming, fashion, sport – in short, culture. We founded Disrupt because we care about culture too –especially how brands can use it to interact creatively to connect with their audiences. 

 What the future plans for Disrupt? 

We want to help build and inspire the next generation of 'Brandtrepreneurs'! Our mission is to connect the world of youth culture, music, entertainment and business empowering and growing it through technology that connects creators, brands and their content. .

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