You really aorta donate...

You really aorta donate...

Did you know that the NHS is currently running a #missingtype campaign to urge people to donate desperately needed blood? Letters are disappearing from all manner of places, including our L vely Twitter! Be sure to support the cause and donate blood – you could save a life.

In the meantime, here are some interesting facts about blood that could get your own blood curdling:

  • In Japan, blood type is considered to be an indicator to one’s personality. This has made way for blood type themed goods, including condoms.

    The condoms are all the same, but contain different instructions for each blood group on how to approach the sexual encounter! (see condom machine on the left)

    You can even buy blood type chewing gum, soft drinks, calendars, and books.

  • Twinkle Dwivedi, an Indian teenager, has a bleeding disorder that causes her to spontaneously bleed without being cut or scratched. She has been banned from her school because of this condition.
  • Saddam Hussein commissioned a Quran to be written in his own blood. Over 2 years, he had 26 litres of his blood drained to complete the book
  • Until 2009, if you donated blood in Ireland you got a free pint of Guinness!
  • There is about 0.2 milligrams of gold in our bodies, most of which is in our blood.
  • Nordic Food Lab have been experimenting with blood as an egg-substitute and have developed recipes for sourdough-blood pancakes, blood ice cream, blood meringues, and ‘chocolate’ blood sponge cake. Yum!