There's A Reason To All This Napping

There's A Reason To All This Napping

World Productivity Day is on the 20th, and we here at Ugli are all about promoting a productive lifestyle.

“But, Ugli, how do we become more productive?” Fear not, we are here to help. In fact, we’ll get right back to you after we’ve had a nap.

“A nap?!” We hear you cry. Yes, a nap. A 10–20 minute nap will give you a quick boost of alertness. If you’re looking to sharpen your memory, a 60-minute nap will do and the cruncher - a whopping 90 minutes – will boost creativity, as well as your emotional and procedural memory. No kidding, The Wall Street Journal told us so.

That isn’t the only way to aid in your plans to take over the world… er, we mean plans to be productive. Here are a few other tips:

• This one might sound strange, but try setting extreme limitations on your work. It worked for Dr. Seuss, after being bet by an acquaintance that he couldn’t produce a story using less than 50 different words… The result? Green Eggs & Ham. In limiting your nature and putting your brain into overdrive, you can bring out the most productive side of yourself.

• Staying positive by going into your “positive place” (fun memories, doing some light exercise, watching a funny video) can influence your mood and in turn make you more efficient at work.

• We also encourage daydreaming… although, AFTER you get started. Our brains need information to get going, so once you have the basis for your project you can then daydream.

• Make a list at the end of the day. Your list is then ready for when you arrive into work in the morning and you get be work efficient straight away.

• You can become really tired and lose concentration if you look at your screens for too long. Be sure to work for an hour at a time, and take a 3 -4 minute break between. Due to reduction in glucose levels, it’s always best to take a breath of fresh air and to always drink plenty of water.

It is also important to reflect on how productive your day is. Think about what you can do to be more productive the next day, but also reward yourself for the great work you did.

Yes, that means you can have the cake you’ve been eyeing up since this morning.

You deserve it.