Ugli Meets... BCI

Ugli Meets... BCI

Who are BCIstudio?

We are award-winning architects, interior designers, masterplanners and graphic designers. We specialise in retail, leisure and mixed use commercial sectors with projects around the world

What makes you guys different from other architect firms?

We offer a personal, hands-on approach, commercial knowledge and exciting market leading designs

What 3 tips would you give to young people looking to go into the industry?

Try to get as much work experience as possible during university years
Be creative and involved
Keep networking with people from other industries, they’ll be your clients one day!

What has been your most ambitious project?

Point 90 Shopping Centre in Cairo, Egypt! Our designs for this newly built shopping centre were modern, sleek interiors and enhancing the efficiency of the retail leasing area. Although very well received by the market, the construction of project was interrupted for few years due to economic and political challenges in Egypt, changed hands of ownership. The construction finally restarted now, we visited the new Owner and were so proud to discover their efforts to keep our original designs! Seeing this alignment of various interests – developers, designers, leasing teams, contractors- make this project special!

Have you got any exciting plans for the future?

We are currently developing designs for a new cinema in Russia and a shopping centre in Romania. In London, we have several residential projects on our drawing board. Also preparing our BCIstudio stand for November, in glitzy Cannes at Mapic, the biggest trade exhibition specialising in retail developments and our favourite event of the year!

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