Ugli Meets... Vojo

Ugli Meets... Vojo

What (and Who!) is Vojo?
Vojo came to life initially in 2013 as a research project within the Escuela Superior de Diseño e Ingeniería de Barcelona, a body associated to the Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF), with a view to generate personalised patterns for travel, adapted to social, behavioural and trends-guided influences in the use of technology in general and social networks in particular.

The result was a platform that enabled the generation of routes that allowed both a full immersion in the natural spaces as well as facilitating the social component of the traveling experience, always guided by the specific requirements and preferences of the traveller.

Initially focused on developing a comprehensive route for the Spanish section of the Camino de Santiago (the rambling way associated with the traditional pilgrimage path to Santiago de Compostela, Galicia), what we define as the Vojo Way branch of our business, we are now gearing up towards the launch of Vojo City platforms, focusing on urban trails, with London and Barcelona, our home towns, first in the lineup.

Vojo is not only a problem-solving tool for all stages of the journey (the pre, during, and after chapters), but most importantly a bridge that helps link, in real time, individual travellers with a diverse range local service providers, as well as with others following the same path or journey. This is what Vojo likes to define as the DURING (real time) experience.

How does Vojo operate?
Set up both as a web platform and a mobile app, Vojo enables you to configure your own routes, allowing for complete flexibility when designing content, from the actual route and its highlights, to finding local guides and expert knowledge. You can find recommended eateries, book accommodation, benefit from the range of products and offers that local business might be interested in putting forward. You can also geolocate any personal contacts of yours that might be on the same route. Finally, through the logging of your own data, you can track your journey, building a personal profile of statistics, achievements, and experiences to make up a personal travel log.

From the perspective of the local business and service providers, Vojo provides the perfect vehicle to make their offer more dynamic, by directly accessing the valuable tourism population through what is an exclusive online marketing platform. Its flexible nature also enables them to constantly adapt their offer, from long term offers to ´flash´ promotions, tailoring it to trends in numbers of visitors, as well as the behaviour of competitors. As with other users, local business will also benefit from the generation of a data pool that will help them evaluate the impact of all their activities.

Who are Vojo?
Vojo team is based both in London (as the Ugli team!) and Barcelona, and at present encompasses a group of 16, with a varied mix of engineers, developers, and communicators.

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