ClickMechanic: Saving one motorist at a time!

One of our members is all about making something easy that we all dread. Getting your car fixed! And recently all the hard work ClickMechanic have been putting in has been featured in a ton of press so we thought we'd help show it off.

It ranges from BBC Radio 4, The Independent, to The Telegraph and back to ITV. Their recent research found that woman drivers are charged more than men and they helped expose this in the media.

Check out more of what they're up to on their Twitter.

Comic Book Day Is Coming!

Comic Book Day Is Coming!

Comic Book Day is approaching – September 25th – and isn’t it a great day for good triumphing over evil? Comic Book Day is all about enjoying a good comic, which is why we are offering our Big Room for a discounted rate. If you’re looking for a place to sell your comic books or any comic book merchandise,then the Big Room is just for you.

We’re all about using this perfect opportunity to put comic books on the radar - offering an affordable space so you can promote further interest!

The Ugli Campus – the co-working incubator hub and ...

What Makes Good Afternoon Tea?

What Makes Good Afternoon Tea?

We here in the Ugli Office love a good afternoon tea, and so in celebration of Afternoon Tea Week, we thought we’d write a little appreciation post. Scones, cakes, pastries and teas – how could we not celebrate?

Afternoon tea is a beloved English tradition, which traces back to the 1800s when Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, began taking tea and a snack in her private boudoir in the afternoon. Since then, the practice spread and grew more and more elaborate – but what makes a good afternoon tea?

• The flavours of sandwiches should be the classics: cucumber, egg mayonnaise ...

It's International Beer Day!

It's International Beer Day!

It’s International Beer Day! Are you excited? We sure are. In honour of this sacred day, we’ve collated some interesting facts about beer just for you!

Did you know…?

1. “Beer is proof that God loves us.” - Ben Franklin

2. Feeling scholarly? Zythology is the study of beer and beer making, including the role of particular ingredients play in the brewing process

3. The first professional brewers were all women

4. There are 400 types of beer. Belgium has the most individual beer brands in the world

5. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass

6 ...

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