The A - Z of Coffee Words

The A - Z of Coffee Words

AKA what are those words they use in the coffee shops? To celebrate International Coffee Day, here is a list of words that all coffee lovers should know.

Altura - "Heights" in Spanish; describes Mexico coffee that has been high-or mountain-grown.

Barista - Italian term for skillful and experienced espresso bar operator. (But we're sure you knew this already)

Caffé Americano - An espresso lengthened with hot water. Nothing's better than an English girl ordering an Americano.

Demitasse - "Half cup" in French; a half-size or three-ounce cup used primarily for espresso coffee.

Earthiness - Either a taste defect or a desirable exotic ...

Ugli Meets...Path

Ugli Meets...Path

Hi everyone. It's great to be a part of Team Ugli. We were pretty chuffed when our Ugli Mother asked us to pen a little intro about us for the Ugli blog, but when we got down to it, it was actually harder than we thought. How do you introduce a new digital design studio on campus, be welcoming, but avoid going into the dreaded 'sales pitch' mode?

Here goes...

Having applied a fresh lick of paint to our four walls, we officially opened the studio in January. Since then we've been working on a mix of live ...

What It's Like To Be A Working Parent

What It's Like To Be A Working Parent

Working Parents Day is a day to celebrate those amazing parents who work hard all year to provide for their families. Being a parent is tough and often involved balancing a full-time job, childcare and a mariage or relationship. 

So, on this special day put your feet up, relax and take a much-needed break from all the hard graft and check out what it's really like to be a working parent. 

1. Constantly receiving frack from colleagues without children, who don't understand your need to leave early to pick up your kids

2. Looking forward to having a ...

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