Can Chocolate Make You More Productive at Work?

Can Chocolate Make You More Productive at Work?

Can chocolate doled out by your boss make you and your coworkers happier and more productive at work? (Hey, who doesn't want to enjoy their job more?)

Apparently, employers can buy happiness. Or, at least, they can boost productivity in the workplace - by about 12%.

Three economist at the University of Warwick in England have published a paper finding that happy people work harder. Not exactly a novel conclusion, but it does show how to bribe people to be more productive: feed the fruit and chocolate or show them clips of English stand-up comedy.

The study, tested more than 700 participants with a series of four experiments. Select students were chosen to do one of the following: watch a comedy movie clip, be provided with some chocolate, fruit or drink, or talk about a recent tragedy in their families' lives.

The result?

The people who received the goodies prior to the experiment got about two more correct answers than the others - a boost of 10 to 12 percent, the findings showed.

What is the key to boosting productivity in the workplace? The answer might well just be chocolate!