How to beat those post-holiday blues

The holidays are over, the weather is changing, and it feels like the start of winter! Here are our top tips to beat those post-holiday blues:

1. Unpack!
Move those suitcases! There is nothing more depressing than tripping over them for the fortnight after your holiday. The cold weather is here – embrace it!

2. Act how you feel.
If you look and feel a million dollars, don't waste it. Parade down the aisles in Waitrose, take up gymnastics or throw a Halloween party.

3. Have fun!
Holidays usually involve activities and restaurants selected by majority vote. It’s time to change that! Invite your friends to your favourite munching spot, or visit a place you love, that you might not have been to for a while.

4. Get Outdoors
Get outside! The majority of us don’t get enough sunlight, and spend our days blinded by office lighting. Vitamin D is great for your health and overall happiness. A nice stroll in a park would do the trick or why not get your head in the clouds up in the sHead!

5. Be Positive
Get out of the rut, and strut into winter! Try something new, whether it’s liquorice root tea, a new route to work or taking up rock climbing. A change can be as good as a holiday.