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Ugli Meets... Vojo

Ugli Meets... Vojo

What (and Who!) is Vojo?
Vojo came to life initially in 2013 as a research project within the Escuela Superior de Diseño e Ingeniería de Barcelona, a body associated to the Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF), with a view to generate personalised patterns for travel, adapted to social, behavioural and trends-guided influences in the use of technology in general and social networks in particular.

The result was a platform that enabled the generation of routes that allowed both a full immersion in the natural spaces as well as facilitating the social component of the traveling experience, always guided by the specific ...

Ugli Meets... BCI

Ugli Meets... BCI

Who are BCIstudio?

We are award-winning architects, interior designers, masterplanners and graphic designers. We specialise in retail, leisure and mixed use commercial sectors with projects around the world

What makes you guys different from other architect firms?

We offer a personal, hands-on approach, commercial knowledge and exciting market leading designs

What 3 tips would you give to young people looking to go into the industry?

Try to get as much work experience as possible during university years
Be creative and involved
Keep networking with people from other industries, they’ll be your clients one day!

What has been your most ...

Ugli Meets...Ugly Models

Ugli Meets...Ugly Models

Ugli Meets... is a new feature that aims to bring you closer to the businesses who inhabit the Ugli Campus. The real variety of industries makes Ugli stand out from other similar spaces in London. From fashion and music to production and media, one thing that ties everyone together is the sense of community and collaboration. Now it's time to get to know our Uglies!

To kick things off, who better than Ugli newbies, Ugly Models.

Who Are Ugly Models?

Ugly Models are the UK's foremost character model agency, born in 1969 by two fashion photographers who placed ...