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Social Media Week At Ugli

Social Media Week At Ugli

As part of Social Media Week, the Ugli Campus is hosting an event by one of our community members, The Worst Kept Secret (TWKS).

TWKS will deliver a short presentation on "The 'So What' of Social Media" highlighting 2 simple frameworks covering:

- The '10 elements of social media' showing why social media is more than just Facebook and Twitter

- The power of content using their '4Cs of Content' model 

- Some of the best case studies illustrating the 'So What' of social media. 

Company Background

The Worst Kept Secret (TWKS) is a digital and social media agency that builds capacity for ...

Ugli Collaborates With London Silicon Triangle Drinks

Ugli Collaborates With London Silicon Triangle Drinks

The members of London Silicon Triangle Drinks have decided to get UGLI on Thursday 27th February.

We were absolutely thrilled to host this meetup event and the Big Room was jam-packed with tech startups, entrepreneurs, angel investors, TV and Media people. A great networking night with engaging Q&As!

Our lovely guest, John Small from the BBC accepted to share few words with us...

"With all the attention given to start ups in the Soreditch and 'TechCity' the West London startup scene is often overlooked. But lots of companies are moving West because the rents are cheaper and it's ...